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Ventus V2 concept2

Exhilarating experience Dynamic and technical tread design offers excellent handling performance to drivers who pursue their own style and uniqueness. High-density Nylon Reinforced Belt Structure Optimal high-density nylon reinforced belt maintains contact pressure when cornering and maximises handling performance 3D Point Effect and Centre Rib Block Optimal handling and braking ability by improving block solidity and applying 3D point effect on the block edge Noise Care Block Improves quietness by utilising noise care block on the shoulder Aqua Driving Control Excellent drainage performance by incorporating wide straight grooves and a v-shaped pattern design, for safe driving performance on any rainy road Uneven Wear Protect System Help to check tyre's abnormal and uneven wear easily with the wear protect system. It is easy to gauge uneven wear by monitoring the depth of holes situated at the ends of both sides of the tyre Optimal Profile Improves stability during simulated high-speed driving, by utilising an optimal profile design to achieve an even contact patch shape, minimising deformation of centre and shoulder

Key Features

  • Improved quietness - Noise Care Blocks control frictional noise and improve overall driver comfort.
  • Optimal handling - 3D point effects on the block edge improve handling and braking ability.
  • Superior performance in the wet - Four wide straight grooves and a v-shaped pattern for safer driving in wet conditions.

Performance Category: Touring

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