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The MA-751 tyre delivers all-terrain performance with the capability of providing a smooth, commanding highway ride. Specialized tread design provides traction in a variety of applications and conditions.

Key Features

  • Double steel-belted construction for long-lasting wear and uniformity
  • Jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap for strength and stability
  • All-season tread pattern delivers a smooth, quiet ride for light truck and sport utility vehicles
  • Specially formulated rubber compound allows for exceptional handling in various road and weather conditions

Performance Category: Crossover 4WD

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
31/10R15 109S109S754
205/70R15 95S95S668
215/75R15 102S102S704
225/75R15 105S105S719
235/75R15 109S109S734
205R16 110Q110Q736
225/70R16 101S101S721
225/75R16 110S110S744
235/70R16 106S106S735
235/85R16 120Q120Q806
245/70R16 111S111S749
255/70R16 111S111S763
265/70R16 112S112S777
265/75R16 123M123M804
275/70R16 114S114S791
265/70R17 115S115S803